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Welcome to Prairie House Assisted Living and Memory Care

La Pine Senior Living

Looking for retirement or senior services? Are you a senior looking for a chance to give back to your community? We invite you to join us for a meal, activity, event, or respite stay to experience the joy and security a supportive living environment can really bring.

Whether you are a Boomer seeking the best for your mom, a senior interested in securing your own future care, or someone who enjoys the companionship and wisdom of elders—you have started in the right place. Our mission guides us in creating a senior services environment where elders are in charge of their lives. We support each individual’s choices and desires to be healthy, continue to grow, and experience elderhood to its fullest.

At Prairie House, we believe in the power of staff, families, and elders working together to create a real sense of community: where they enjoy living and working every day. We invite you to visit Prairie House Assisted Living and Memory Care to experience the joy and security we can help provide.

Jonathan Mitchell, Maintenance Supervisor at Prairie House, is the First Quarter 2014 Rock Star!!!

Jonathan Mitchell is definitely a very talented young man. During his year here, there are many ideas that he has envisioned and made reality. Most recently, he guided Prairie House through a Lighting Retrofit program through Midstate Electric Cooperative. This is a rebate program, which will potentially save Prairie House 78,000 kilowatts per year, and a savings of $5800 per year. The lighting in the building is MUCH improved, not to mention the savings!

Jonathan is one of those quiet, knowledgeable “behind the scenes” types of employees. He never brags on himself, and I may not even know all he does for the residents if they didn’t tell me how much they appreciate him. He is a self-starter, and makes it his business to know this building inside and out. Recently, we worked with a program at the High School, to have developmentally disabled young adults to come for a few hours per day. The Instructor commented on how Jonathan “just knows” how to manage these clients and make them feel really useful. This is great PR for Prairie House and this community. I feel Jonathan demonstrates our core values in his work every day.

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